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A mother's love...

Posted by thodefamilyfarm on August 15, 2010 at 12:00 AM

Since I'm still confined to quarters I've got a bit more time on my hands this last week (unfortunately not much energy to do anything with it!). Last night my husband came in from outside and grabbed the camera. Here is what he captured:


Our lovely Arcellia, the Brazilian Aseel, covering up her 3 little KoShamo chicks for the night!!!

Every year Arcellia goes broody but alas, she is without a male so there are no chicks for her. We have tried to dissuade her broody attempts in the past but there is no thwarting this determined mother! Last year Arcellia hatched a small clutch of Cuckoo Marans so this year my son decided to trust her with five Ko Shamo eggs. Arcellia hatched out 3 and has been a model mother ever since. However, a couple of weeks ago we noticed LOUD cheeping at night from her pen and investigated the problem. Arcellia thought it was high time for the peeps to graduate up to the perch at night. Not such a bad idea except that the perch is about 3 feet off the floor and the chicks are all of about 7-8 inches tall! The first several nights Arcellia couldn’t convince any of her chicks to join her they just sat on the floor and peeped frantically until she came back down to join them. After about a week the little cockerel figured out he could jump up on the stump and make it up to join Mom. Now the girls have figured it out as well and Arcellia is the picture of contentment.

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