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It's been a busy summer...

Posted by thodefamilyfarm on August 11, 2010 at 3:52 PM

Haven't posted much in recent months but thought I'd blow our horn a little bit about the Sonoma County Fair last weekend.  This was the first time Chuck and I exhibited in Open at this fair (it's a bit much with the kids exhibiting in the Junior show the days immediately preceding).  But on we went and had quite a decent showing:  Reserve Bantam, Best Feather Legged and Best of Breed with our Cutie-Pie black Silkie pullet, Best AOCCL (all other combs clean legged) with our Buff Laced Frizzled Polish cock, Best of Breed with our Blue Cochin bantam cock, and Best English and Best of Breed with our up-and-coming studly LF Buff Orpington.  A good time was had by all except my physician who thinks I should now be confined to quarters (resting!) for awhile due to Bronchitis or pneumonia or both :/


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