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Spring has really sprung!

Posted by thodefamilyfarm on March 24, 2010 at 2:11 AM

Yipee! The Turkeys are finally laying!  With the long, wet winter behind us we collected our first turkey eggs over the weekend!!!  Chuck's been busy building some really nice laying boxes for the turkey if we can just convince the girls to use them instead of laying their eggs in the mud.  Over the weekend Zachary's new Sebastopol goose laid her first egg since taking up residence here and laid a second egg today :-)  We've been working for some time redoing the Sumatra pen after we lost two adult Blue Sumatras last November to weasels.  With the newly fortified pen done this weekend Zachary was able to move his Black Sumatra cock in with 3 beautiful pullets.  We had our first Silkie of the season hatch on March 18th along with 8 Black d'Anvers, one Ko-Shamo, 2 golden Sebrights and a couple of Silver Spangled Hamburgs.  I don't even want to confess to how many more eggs are due to hatch next week...Oh, my!

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