Thode Family Farm

 POULTRY FIELD DAY       MAY 22, 2010      Over 100 people in attendance having a great time learning and sharing! 


Thank you to JIM ADKINS, our knowledgable and engaging speaker for making our first Poultry Field Day a great success!!! 

Thank you SONOMA COUNTY 4-H for your generous sponsorship of this event!  A big THANK YOU!!! to the many parents and 4-H leaders that volunteered the day of the event to help things run so smoothly!  And special thanks to Alexandra Matthews for introducing us to Jim Adkins and getting the ball rolling on this event.  Alexandra and her family were a huge part of planning and carrying out this event, THANK YOU!

Thank you to all the youth and adults that came from near and far with enthusiasm for learning and expanding their poultry knowledge!!!  You made the day!

more photos:

The afternoon sessions...Showmanship, door prize drawings, lots of questions and answers! 

The end!