Thode Family Farm

Welcome to the Thode Family Farm site!


We are a small-scale, family farm operation that has grown out of our enjoyment of owning and exhibiting poultry.  Over the years we have developed a deep interest in preserving rare and heritage breed birds.  We raise a number of poultry breeds (listed below) for exhibition and sale.  We also raise Standard-bred Heritage Turkeys for exhibition and the holiday table.  We are located in beautiful Sonoma County, California.  Thank you for visiting our website!        

PLEASE NOTE:   We are not a walk-in business...please email or call ahead to make arrangements for purchase or viewing our birds.   Thank you!     




Here's photos of some of our birds:

We raise:




Black Cochins

Silver Spangled Hamburgs

Golden Penciled Hamburgs

Salmon Faverolles




Large Fowl:


Cuckoo Marans

Black Copper Marans

New Hampshires

    Heritage Turkeys:

Standard Bronze


We are proud to be members of the following Associations:

The Livestock Conservancy

American Poultry Association

American Bantam Association

Slow Food - Russian River Convivium

Marans Chicken Club USA



North American Hamburg Society

American Silkie Bantam Club

Pacific Poultry Breeders Association

Sonoma County 4-H